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Steven Hansen, D.C. DIBAK

Dr. Steven Hansen is a chiropractic applied kinesiologist who has been in practice since 1992. Dr. Hansen completed his undergraduate degree with a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Delaware in 1986. While majoring in physical education, he quickly realized a love for the study of the human body and so focused on kinesiology, bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, athletic training and nutrition. Over the course of his academic career at Delaware, he became an accomplished track and field shot putter. Today he holds the school record. Upon graduation, a back injury halted any further participation in the shot put. After a year of therapy and standard medical treatments with no improvement, relief was finally received when he tried chiropractic. This experience motivated him to pursue a career in healthcare.

In 1988 , Dr. Hansen began his study at Life Chiropractic College, now known as Life University, in Marietta, Georgia. The doctoral program is a thorough curriculum in anatomy and physiology, neurology, radiology, biochemistry, nutrition and diagnosis well as varied chiropractic techniques. During his time at LIFE, he played for the nationally acclaimed Life Chiropractic Rugby Football Club. After Graduating cum laud, he continued his education in applied kinesiology from the International College of Applied Kinesiology and received his diplomate status in 1999.

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